Full Qualification Title: Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Construction Senior Management


The qualification is suitable for someone who has been in Construction Management for many years, and is in a senior position within the company i.e. Construction Director or Senior Project manager

The evidence for the Level 7 assessment to be collected by your assessor can include:

  • Documents showing how you and other senior managers in your company use approved
    recruitment procedures to put together project teams, and how you ensure that team
    members work together efficiently and productively.
  • Minutes of Meetings and email correspondence illustrating how you organize and chair
    meetings with clients and sub-contractors.
  • Project Information documents i.e. designs, drawings, specifications, floor plans etc. You
    also need to demonstrate what procedures you have in place to request additional
    information from your clients and design teams, and provide examples where you analyzed
    complex technical issues and proposed solutions to resolve them.
  • Personal Development Plan – you will need to show how you have developed your
    professional competency, skills and knowledge to reach your current position and what
    actions you are planning to reach your future goals and aspirations. You will also need to
    explain to the assessor how you use your expertise and experience to help others within
    your organization with their development.
  • Evidence of Project Planning i.e. Programmes, Schedules, Scopes of Work, Construction
    Phase Plans etc., in consultation with all relevant parties, as well as correspondence
    regarding changes and amendments to the plans.
  • Procurement arrangements i.e. bids and tenders from various suppliers and subcontractors.
    You would also need to explain to the assessor how the bids and tenders are invited and
    how you evaluate them to ensure that they suit projects’ requirements.
    Contractual obligations i.e. copies of contracts and agreements to suit various types of
  • Bidding processes – Estimates, Bids and Tenders prepared by you, as well as Method
    Statements developed to meet the tender requirements.
  • Financial control – project’s budgets, emails discussing cost of extra works, instructions to
    sub-contractors to carry out the works.
  • Project completion – Quality Control paperwork, handing over procedures, as-built drawings, O&M manuals

Assessment Process

The Level 7 NVQ is assessed predominantly using documentary and communication evidence as well as a series of Recorded Discussions (tape- or video-recorded interviews), conducted either on-site or in your company’s office. There is also an option of having the Recorded Discussions remotely i.e. via a recorded Skype call or
similar, as well as for you to submit some or all of the documentary evidence to the assessor electronically i.e. via email or Dropbox.

How Long Does It Take?

The minimum length of the assessments from the candidate’s registration to the actual achievement of the NVQ is six months and the maximum is twenty four months. We will always make sure that you achieve your qualification in the shortest possible time by using assessment methods tailored to your circumstances and constantly updating you on the progress of the assessment.


You can apply for a temporary Experienced Manager (Red) CSCS card while being assessed for you NVQ which is valid for three years. On completion of the assessment you will be able to apply for a permanent Black CSCS card valid for 5 years.

Health & Safety Test

You will require a valid MAP (Managerial & Professional) CSCS Health and Safety Test in order to obtain your Experienced Worker (temporary) CSCS Card. So if you don’t have one or you passed your test more than 2 years ago please visit Construction Skills website to book one.

However, if you wait until the assessment’s completion, you will not be required to pass the test to obtain your CSCS Card, as the H&S aspect is included within the assessment


The cost of the full assessment is £2500 + VAT. Construction companies registered for CITB Levy can claim grants from the CITB for each completed NVQ assessment.

You can spread the cost into two payments – one at the beginning of your assessment and another one at the completion. Please contact us for more information.