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The immense amount of people have been successfully completed their NVQ assessment training at Quick Assessments. Get the most of NVQ training from the top expert of Quick Assessment in UK.

National Vocational Qualification with On Site Assessment is highly suitable for people who have some initial experience in their respective construction industry. Without NVQ, they will not be qualified for stepping up from their job profile. Further NVQ serves the best advantages to the learners like enhanced productivity and skillset with additional training with the highly experienced assessor.

NVQ training by Quick Assessments doesn’t take a long time and can be completed within the possible shortest time through the simple and straightforward program therefore it is the best NVQ assessor program.

NVQ Advantages For Organisations With Their Training Construction Staff

  1. Enthusiasm and discipline in staff with increased productivity.
  2. It helps to retain the key staff persons.
  3. It motivates employees always ready to learn new skills and develop a skill culture.
  4. NVQ certified staff is more knowledgeable and competent in the industry and therefore they will be able to get more privilege.
  5. Staff motivation leads to skilled themselves for appraisal process.
  6. It is also helpful in human resource planning.

NVQ Advantages For Individual Employees

  1. This is a flexible way to be a qualified skilled construction staff.
  2. Increased self confidence
  3. As NVQ is a work oriented vocational course, it is oriented to the needs of learner’s needs against the performance based standard set by the national occupational standards.
  4. This course is time-friendly to the employee.
  5. Officially declaration to their skills, knowledge and competency
  6. Based on the skill enhancement, Motivation to the employee helps to the best working capabilities.
  7. Individual can pre-plan their career development with NVQ as it starts from level 1 and goes upto the level 7.

This is a group of qualifications for the interior fit-out sector, comprising Ceiling Fixing, Dry Lining – Fixing, Dry Lining Finishing, Partitioning and Raised Access Flooring

This NVQ is for construction tradesmen who install fire-stopping to penetrations to walls and floors, but also includes fire-rated encasements, partitions and ceilings

This group of qualifications comprises Specialised Cladding and Rainscreen Systems. The Curtain Walling and Fenestration Installations are not available at this time

We can assess both Solid Basic and Rendering, depending on your requirements

Decorative Finishing And Painting Occupations – Painter (Level 2 Nvq Diploma)

Wood Occupations – Site Carpentry

Fitted Interiors – kitchen and fitted furniture removal and installation

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Level 3 and 4 NVQ Assessments – Supervision

Basic Site Foreman qualification

For more office-based Supervisors or Junior Managers

Suitable for someone in a full Supervisory role, overseeing all aspects of a typical Construction Site

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Level 6 and 7 NVQ Assessments – Construction Management

Manager’s qualification, suitable for a Contracts or Site Manager working for a subcontractor

Full Site Manager’s qualification, suitable for someone working for a main contractor

This is a qualification that suits a Senior Project Manager or Construction Director of a large company – we cannot enroll Site or Contracts Managers on it

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